La Cantina, Leipzig

Since arriving in Leipzig almost two months ago, I haven’t really eaten out that much. Managing my money and living on a student budget has meant that I have forgone a lot of meals out to go out drinking instead (and have falafel afterwards, obviously.) I have, however, been to a handful of places and after two visits I can confirm that La Cantina on Karl-Heine-Strasse is my favourite place to eat so far.

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From the outside it just looks like a normal deli or maybe even a café. Inside, it is not dissimilar to a tapas bar I actually visited in Santiago de Compostela a couple of years ago. While it may not boast the most breath-taking décor, the food certainly does the talking here. Typically, 6 tapas and a couple of glasses of wine/ beer costs between 25 and 35 EUR (depending on which kind of tapas/ wine/ beer you select.) It really is worth the money as in my honest opinion it is the best tapas I have eaten outside of Spain. You go up to the counter and select your dishes from the menu, however there are also some dishes not on the menu at the counter that may be on offer so it is worth checking those out as well. On my first visit they offered Lachscouscous/ Salmon couscous which was amazing and I would definitely recommend it. My favourite tapas by far is the chorizo in red wine, and I was also a big fan of the feta with rosemary and chilli oil. Even the garlic dip they give you to dip your bread in is delicious. And whilst you might think that 6 tapas dishes between 2 may not be enough, I can certainly confirm that it is. On both occasions I have left the restaurant extremely full and very happy.

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(This is the tapas we chose on our last visit. Clockwise from bottom middle: Chorizo in red wine sauce/ Chorizo in Rotwein, Serrano ham/ Serano Schinken, Feta cheese with rosemary and chilli oil/ Hirtenkäse mit Rosmarin und Chiliöl, Saffron couscous/ Safrancouscous, Spanish Omelette/ Tortilla and Kartoffeln/ potatoes that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of unfortunately.) EDIT: There were actually more pieces of chorizo and more potatoes but my boyfriend and I got so excited when the food came that I nearly forgot to take a photo and had already loaded up my plate with chorizo – oops!

To get here by bus you can take the 74 towards Lindenauer Markt and get off at Felsenkeller. By tram you can take either the 3 towards Knautkleeberg or the 14 towards S-Bf. Plagwitz (both from Hauptbahnhof/ the main station) and get off again at Felsenkeller. If you are travelling around Leipzig it is worth downloading the EasyGo app to get anywhere – I have absolutely no sense of direction so I rely on this app and it is truly amazing.



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