NYX Review

To my utter thrill and delight, DM (basically the Boots of Germany) stock NYX cosmetics. They are one of my favourite brands to use back in the UK, not only because they have high quality products but because they are very affordable too.

Since being in Germany, I have picked up 5 new products which I have reviewed below. I find buying and testing out new make up so exciting (sad, I know) and these products certainly didn’t disappoint.

Firstly, I bought three of the NYX lip liners in Plum (SPL812), Ever (SPL828) and Mahogany (SPL809). At just 2.85 EUR each they were an absolute bargain and I had to stop myself from buying the whole collection.

My first impressions were mixed. I found Mahogany particularly hard to put on as I had to keep going over and over my lips to even out the coverage and get a decent colour pay off. However, Plum and Ever were both really easy to apply and their colour pay off was almost instant. I also noticed that when I ate, whilst some of the lipstick on top rubbed off the lip liner stayed on underneath which really impressed me. It also created an ombré look on my lips which I always try but never get right!

Last weekend I also picked up a NYX Lingerie matte liquid lipstick as I have been looking for them for ages and finally spotted them in the bigger DM in Leipzig – was obviously walking round with my eyes closed before! I chose the shade Embellishment 02 as it has a light purple tone and I am really into purple toned lipsticks. However, I only really own dark ones which I find difficult to upkeep when wearing for a long period of time (especially when eating) so I was excited to try this one. The formula was a little bit drying but I absolutely adore the colour of it and it was long-lasting. I’d recommend really making sure your lips are thoroughly moisturised before application (like all liquid lipsticks) for the best results. At 7.85 EUR it’s one of NYX pricier liquid lipsticks however the shades are really wearable with a lot of different make up looks and it is still a very decent price.

Finally, I chose the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Chocolate 02 at 6.25 EUR. My trusty H&M eyebrow palette (also in the shade Chocolate) has seen me well however I was looking to finally jump on the eyebrow mascara bandwagon after years of being a firm powder user. I was honestly petrified of buying the wrong colour but I think the shade I chose is just right so that was a relief. I liked the way it made my eyebrows look much more natural and that you could build up coverage depending on how bold you want your eyebrows. However I did find that there was no way I could shape my arch successfully with the brush so had to revert back to the powder for that bit. Overall, I did like it and will be using it again, however only for day time use. I don’t think it made my eyebrows look bold enough for a night out so in that case I’d choose to use my powder and an angled brush instead.



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