What inspired me?

A couple of weeks ago I was heading home from my year abroad. I caught the train from Leipzig to Berlin with all of my worldly belongings and then flew from Berlin Schoenefeld to Manchester. It was quite an ordeal trying to get my various suitcases across Leipzig, then across Berlin and finally from the S-Bahn stop to the airport (it certainly is a trek to terminal D when you’ve got a lot of stuff!).

It struck me whilst I was dragging suitcases and sweating buckets that I really am quite weak. And maybe even unfit. No, definitely unfit. I’ve never been overweight and I always did alright in P.E, but I never excelled. I was a good runner in my early teens but I gave up all hobbies and fun to focus on my GCSEs (boring, I know). I will occasionally do a work out (read ‘occasionally’ as ‘hardly ever’) or go for a run – but it is very rare. Generally speaking, the only exercise I really get is when I walk somewhere. It’s terrible, I know. I’d just always preferred to sit in, watch Netflix and eat an apple if I felt unhealthy.

Since coming back from Leipzig I felt that something needed to change. Although I am still young at 22, if I am going to change bad habits and get into the routine of exercise it has to be sooner rather than later. I’m scared I’ll hit 30 and suddenly put on 5 stone and not be able to walk up the stairs without panting. I’m terrified that I’ll lose my relatively slim figure and have to stop eating treat foods altogether and live purely on salads. So for me: now is the time to change. The time to exercise more and control my eating habits; to make better choices now and not have to live on a life of lettuce later.

I’ve had periods like this before, admittedly. I’ve gone to Zumba and HIIT classes religiously for a month, eaten brown carbs instead of white, and lived on only fruit and vegetables for weeks on end. But this time feels different. Before I felt peer pressure, pressure from the media, a deep dislike of my own body etc. Now I want to do it to remain healthy into my 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. I want to be able to lift a 20kg suitcase with a bit more ease and carry my own heavy groceries all the way home without cursing. To be a healthy role model to the children I may or may not have in the future. But most of all, to be happy with myself.

I’ve already taken steps in the right direction by joining exercise classes and making better choices regarding food. I’m hoping by writing about it on here it will help me to keep more motivated over the summer. I will be posting regular updates so watch out for them and wish me luck! Hopefully by the time September comes I will be a lot healthier and happier with myself too 🙂



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