Staying Healthy First Update: The Smoothie Addiction

So if you read my post ‘What inspired me?‘ from a couple of weeks ago you will know that recently I have been trying to keep fit and eat healthier. I’m not following a strict diet or fitness regime as such as I don’t feel like my health is necessarily bad, but I am trying to exercise a lot more and eat a better diet in order to maintain my health and improve my fitness.

I have definitely seen an improvement in my fitness over the past month and that is only really through going to classes twice a week and exercising on my own once a week. (Tomorrow I am going to start doing some intensive exercise every day in preparation for my holiday next month… wish me luck!) I cannot recommend classes enough as they are really motivating and make you want to push yourself as you don’t want to be the only one in the class not joining in. I find it hard to be motivated to exercise on my own so exercising with other people really helps me to push myself.

In the past month I was also very kindly bought a jug blender by my boyfriend’s mum. I had wanted one for ages to make soups, smoothies, hummus etc and I was really excited to start using it! I made carrot and coriander soup with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and it was so great! We adapted the basic recipe from BBC Food but added lots more coriander and cumin because we both like a lot of flavour to our food. He’s not usually very keen on soup but he said he really enjoyed this one so it was definitely a success!

I have also been loving making smoothies with my blender. I adore fruit (raspberries are my favourite by far… I could eat them all day!) and I want to be able to eat as much as I can in one go and it be really refreshing so smoothies are perfect for this. I have made a couple of different ones over the past month using inspiration from the internet and just throwing together whatever is in the fridge/ fruit bowl. My favourites so far have been banana and mixed berries; banana, cucumber and strawberry (sounds gross… tastes great and is soooo refreshing!) and raspberry and banana. Can you see a pattern here? I like bananas but only when the skin is still kind of green as I hate the texture of ripe bananas (mushy… bleugh) so chopping the ripened ones up and popping them in a smoothie means I get the sweet flavour and all the nutrients from the banana without having to deal with the texture. I usually add in a dash of milk and some strawberry yoghurt before mixing, and to make it extra refreshing on a particularly hot day you can add in ice cubes too. Smoothies are a great way to use up fruit and prevent waste, stay on top of your healthy eating and make for a quick and easy breakfast on the go. I am yet to find a downside!


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